Indian Masala Tea

Title of Recipe
Indian Masala Tea
Indian Tea with Milk and Indian aromatic spices
3 cup water
1 cup of milk
1 inch ginger
5 small spoon sugar
4 small spoon Indian tea dust (not leaf)
2 cardamom
2 clove
Step 1: make fine power of spices cardamom, clove
Step 2: boil 3 cup of water
Step 3: add sugar & shreded ginger
Step 4: add spice powder to boiling water
Step 5: add tea and slow the burner, let it simmer for 2 minutes
Step 6: add milk, let it simmer till it boils again
Step 7: shut the burner and cover it for 4 minutes
Step 8: Serve it hot
Tips & Tricks
add ginger as per your preference
Story line
This is the most yummiest Tea ever. 🙂