Swati Omprakash Pataskar

July 22, 2021 madhura 0

Name Swati Omprakash Pataskar KK Registration Number SP-5156 Description of Blog / Channel(s) Hello Friends,We are Swati & Snehal, homechef, From Aurangabad aspiring to prepare […]

Vaishali Deshmukh

May 4, 2021 madhura 0

Name Vaishali Deshmukh KK Registration Number VD-0749 Description of Blog / Channel(s) Cook with vaishali is a cooking channel where you can see several recipes which are easy […]

classic treats Channel – Mangal Thakur

November 2, 2020 madhura 0

Name Mangal Thakur( classic treats) KK Registration Number MT-9898 Description of Blog / Channel(s) Food,bakery contentVideos on cakes and unique recipe Channel Link(s) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTGelceBDSOvCAAmzFw1KCg Video […]

Shilpa Parab Recipes

November 2, 2020 madhura 0

Name Shilpa Parab KK Registration Number SP-1529 Description of Blog / Channel(s) Shilpa Parab Recipes brings to you a variety of Innovative and Fusion recipes […]

Chop Chop Chop Kitchen – Varsha Gijare

November 2, 2020 madhura 0

Name Varsha Gijare KK Registration Number VG-1227 Description of Blog / Channel(s) Chop Chop Chop Kitchen is a Youtube food channel. Channel Link(s) http://www.youtube.com/c/ChopChopChopKitchen